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24 октября 2017, 22:58

Who’s Who of ‘Doctor Who’: New Companion Bradley Walsh

Stay on target

The Chase is on!

Bradley Walsh was confirmed this week—alongside Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill—as the Thirteenth Doctor’s new sidekick.

But who is the English actor, comedian, singer, TV presenter, and former pro athlete?

At 57, Walsh (not to be confused with look-alike comedian and recent Strictly Come Dancing cast-off Brian Conley) is officially the oldest companion to travel with the Time Lord*.

He’s been working in television nearly as long as co-star Cole has been alive; Walsh got his start in 1994 as a member of BBC’s National Lottery presenting team.

The fan favorite was soon snapped up by rival channel ITV, where he took over the British adaptation of U.S. game show Wheel of Fortune when long-time presenter Nicky Campbell left in 1997.

A year later, Walsh decided to try his hand at actual acting: Following a bit part in Channel 4 series Lock, Stock… , the broadcaster approached him for a role in 2001 made-for-TV sports comedy Mike Bassett: England Manager .

He returned to ITV in 2002 for regular roles in the short-lived soap Night and Day and popular melodrama Coronation Street .

Eagle-eyed The Sarah Jane Adventures fans may recognize Walsh from his two-episode arc on the Doctor Who spin-off, playing three parts of the same ego in 2009 story “The Day of the Clown.”

Doctor Who

Perennial game show host Bradley Walsh (via ITV)

It was around the same time that Walsh became the presenter of general-knowledge game show The Chase , and appeared in ITV crime drama Law & Order: UK (dun dun).

For 53 episodes, he flexed his acting muscles as DS Ronnie Brooks, a longtime policeman and recovering alcoholic. (Which must have made an impact on incoming Who boss Chris Chibnall, who served as executive producer (13 episodes) and sometimes-writer (six episodes) of the program in 2009.)

A month after Whittaker’s big reveal, the rumor mill started churning out reports that Walsh would join the 35-year-old on her travels through all of space and time.

“It means that his schedule over the coming months will be jam-packed—so he won’t be able to continue with the full range of programs he currently makes,” an unnamed source told The Sun in August.

That includes sports game show Play to the Whistle (on which he serves as team captain) and daytime quiz program Cash Trapped .

“But, crucially, it won’t affect his role as presenter of The Chase ,” the informant said.

When Doctor Who returns next fall, Walsh will star as Graham, alongside Cole and Gill as Ryan and Yasmin, respectively.

“I remember watching William Hartnell as the First Doctor,” Walsh said in a statement. “Black and white made it very scary for a youngster like myself. I was petrified, but even though I’d watch most of it from behind the sofa through my fingers, I became a fan.”

*I know: Bernard Cribbins was 79 when he first appeared as Wilfred Mott. But Donna’s beloved grandfather never stepped foot in the TARDIS, so, as much as I adore him, he doesn’t count. Neither does one-off associate Adelaide Brooke, played by then-59-year-old Lindsay Duncan.

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Source: https://www.geek.com/television/whos-who-of-doctor-who-new-companion-bradley-walsh-1720587/?source